Jono Pearce - Radio Presenter

Jono Pearce

Broadcaster, DJ, Voice Over Artist

Music is a huge part of any DJ's life and Jono has always had a passion for listening, playing and performing. As a young child he was taught to play classical clarinet and can play the piano - badly!
His main enjoyment comes with listening to music, and for Jono this is not one genre but all sorts of styles and types of music.
Jono is comfortable listening to a symphony by Mozart as well as listening to the latest top 40 chart and dance music.
During his shows, Jono will mix up the sounds, playing music from top 40, right back to the 50s and 60s, as well as playing some brand new releases.
"Radio should reflect the listeners tastes" Jono explains, " I am too aware that most commerical stations pump out the same songs, but it is important to me to play a real mix of excellent songs to get my listeners up and moving!"